My Review Policy

I like to think of myself as pretty open when it comes to books. There are only a few genres that have really kind of failed to pique my interest over the years, and so I tend to steer clear of them. I think of it like this: If I wouldn’t choose to read it on my own, I probably wouldn’t review it for my blog, either. If you don’t see your genre listed here and would like to see a review of your book on Read-at-Home Mama, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to work with you!

Genres I generally don’t review:
Graphic Novels

Please know that every review I post is honest. If I love a book, I’ll shout it from the rooftops; if I don’t love a book, I will say so as honestly and kindly as possible. I don’t believe in tearing down books, or the people who wrote them. (I’ve never really understood how cattiness benefits anyone, especially when it comes to book reviews. If you’re looking for snark, you probably came to the wrong place.) One more thing to know is that I provide links to all books I review for my readers to purchase at Amazon and IndieBound. These are affiliate links and I do receive a portion of the purchase price. I have to earn my keep somehow, right?


I think that covers everything, so let’s talk books! Happy Reading!