Memorable Quotes: Prince Lestat

“The world went dark. Black.
And then it exploded with light. All I could see was this light. Galaxies exploded in this light, whole sweeping pathways of innumerable stars pulsed and disintegrated as the light grew brighter and brighter. I heard my own distant cry…
My body had become this light, this throbbing, pulsing, shivering light, this simmering light. And I felt as if it were pouring out of me through my fingers and my toes, through my cock, through my skull. I could feel it generated and regenerated inside me, inside my pounding heart and pouring out so that I seemed immense, immense beyond all imagining, expanding in a void of light, light that was blinding, light that was beautiful, light that was perfect.
I cried out again. I heard it but never meant to do it. I heard it.
Then the light flashed as if to blind me forever, and I saw the ceiling above me, and I saw the circle of the chandelier — the flashing prismatic colors of that chandelier. The room came down around me as if descending from Heaven and I was not on the floor at all. I was standing on my feet.”

(Prince Lestat, pages 412-413)

Holy wow! Sounds profound! It sounds like Lestat, who narrates this passage, was experiencing a rebirth. In real life, though, if I had heard these words I would have thought someone was describing their death — impossible as that may be, since dead men supposedly tell no tales. That being said, near-death experiences are not completely uncommon. I’m glad to say I’ve never had such a thing happen to me. Have you? What do you think you might say after surviving such an ordeal? Do you think this quote might accurately describe dying or near-death experiences, or something else entirely?