Wednesday Writing: All About My Workspace

This week’s Wednesday Writing comes from Rebecca, who asked a great question on Facebook…

What does your workspace look like? If you could have any kind of workspace, what would it look like?

I have two workspaces that I use regularly; one is for my laptop and the other is where my desktop computer is situated. Here’s a peek at my laptop workspace:

It’s my bedroom! I like propping both Hubby’s and my pillows against the headboard, placing a drink and a snack on my nightstand, and turning on the DVD player (which, 10 times out of 10, contains the Cars movie — Joshua’s favorite!) before getting down to business. It’s definitely my more comfortable space. I can sit on top of the blanket or get under it, with my dog curled up by my feet, and the bed itself is pretty cozy as well. Honestly, it’s kind of a miracle that I don’t regularly fall asleep while working there, but between the TV and Joshua it’s pretty hard to pass out.

Now for my desktop workspace! When my sister and her family moved in with us, we had to move Joshua into what was our office. That worked out surprisingly well, as his furniture actually fits better into his new room than it did in the old one. Of course, with Joshua relocating into our workspace, Hubs and I had to find a new home for our computers and the only place we could reasonably fit both of them and our desks was in the basement.

This space is definitely the quieter of the two, but the temperature in the room depends on both the season and the thermostat. In the summer months, for example, we have our air conditioning running, as most people do; as a result, the basement is the coolest room in the house and can be a great escape from the heat of being outside. Conversely, the basement is the warmest in the house when we have the heat on during the winter. The problem is during the fall and spring, when the heating and air conditioning aren’t running at all. Right now it’s 59* outside, and the thermostat reads 68*, so the basement temperature falls somewhere between those two. It’s not terribly uncomfortable, but I definitely wear sweats and socks and keep a hot tea or cocoa on my desk while I’m writing. Now if only there were something that could be done to keep my always-cold nose warm!

The best part about my basement workspace, by the way? It’s where my babies are!

I think I’m gonna need another bookshelf soon…

As for my dream workspace, I’d love for it to be in a room on the main floor of the house, to start with. I’d paint it a bright blue or sunny yellow, because those colors make me happy. I actually liked our previous setup in what is now Joshua’s bedroom, because Hubs’ and my desks faced each other and my bookshelves were behind my desk. Here’s a picture of what it used to look like.

When my sister eventually moves out, we’ll shift our office furniture into her room (unless there’s a baby on the way at that point, in which case we’d have to stay in the basement permanently). I’ll hang my dry-erase calendar on the wall, along with some framed quotes and family pictures. We’ll set up a TV in the room and a chair for Joshua to sit in so he can watch movies and purchase a file cabinet and some small storage to keep our supplies in. I just want it to be a comfortable room that I love to spend time writing in!

Thanks for the question, Rebecca! If there’s anything you’d like to know about any aspect of my blog, please leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it in another Wednesday Writing segment!