I’ve Been A Very Bad Blogger.

What a mess I’ve been lately.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed — and as Google Analytics has so unkindly reminded me — there’s been very little posting going on around here lately. I’m really sorry; it’s (obviously) entirely my fault. To put it nicely, I’ve sort of been coming apart at the seams the last few months. There’s been some family drama, a touch of reader’s block, an onslaught of writer’s block, and a few major changes popping up on the horizon that have kept me from doing my best work. Please accept my deepest, sincerest apologies for letting you down. I’ve been working hard and hope to be at full steam again soon.

I’ve been reading virtually nonstop, but writing literally nothing. It’s funny how easy it is to just stick my nose in a book and tune everything else out — I’ve always been that way. Up until sometime in August, I was reading and reviewing a book every week, and then all of a sudden the reviews just fell off. That’s not to say I haven’t been reading. Aside from the two books I reviewed for The Book Wheel’s 30 Authors project last month, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-10 books that I’ve read but haven’t shared my thoughts on. That’s doing a disservice to you, as my readers, and to myself, as someone who loves talking about what I read. Because some of these books were in my hands two months ago, I’m not sure that writing full reviews would be appropriate; I typically prefer writing a review as soon as I finish the book, when the plot, characters, and my thoughts are still fresh in my mind. I’ll have to go back, flip through the very tall stack of books, and figure out whether to review them in full or to make up the time by posting mini-reviews via Instagram instead (which would then be broadcast to my other social media profiles). When I make a decision I’ll definitely let you all know.

As for the big changes? For one, I’ve decided to go back to school one last time! I’m applying to the Master of Library and Information Science program at Rutgers and, if I’m accepted, will work toward my School Library Media Specialist certification. I’ll continue to be a stay-at-home mom until Joshua heads to kindergarten in 2016, so I’m pursuing the online program…which leads to the other change. Joshua is a very active little boy and, according to his pediatrician, needs more structure in his day, so Hubs and I have decided to enroll him part-time in preschool. He’s very excited to attend “little-kid school,” as he calls it, and will go for a few hours a day, three days a week. If he does really well and Hubs and I can afford it, we’ll send him every day. While he’s at school, I can blog or study, all the while knowing that he’s in good hands and doing some learning and growing of his own. I’ll be finishing up my studies around the same time that Joshua starts kindergarten, and I’ll go back to work full-time once I graduate (if I can find a job, of course).

Fortunately, because of the line of work I’m going into, I’ll still be spending a good deal of time around books — and will therefore be able to continue blogging! Whether I continue under Read-at-Home Mama or with a new blog remains to be seen, but I refuse to let my blog die! Not only could it continue to serve its current purpose, but I could also use it as a tool to communicate with students, parents, and school administrators.

Good things are on the horizon! I just have to keep forging ahead, and I’ll finally catch the brighter future I’ve been dreaming of!

  • I’m so very excited for you, Erin! Change means growth many times. I can completely relate to neglecting the blog. I get sad when I realize I’m not blogging right now, but I then realize I’m doing what is best for our family and right now ShuGar baby needs me. I work at a university so I work with people with your degree. Great choice! I’m very excited for you. Our dreams are possible; you just have to put in the hard work and never give up. I tell myself that when it comes to writing every day. Dreams don’t die if you do not let them.

  • momssmallvictories

    Congrats on your decision to go back to school! We will be here when your mood towrite returns!

  • Congrats lady! You are a busy bee! Take your time & take time for yourself. Lots of love.