Wednesday Writing: Time to Read?

For my inaugural Wednesday Writing column, I’d like to address the number-one question I get about what it is I do here. I hear this all. the. time.

How do you manage to find time to read?

To be honest, the answer to this is really simple: I read when I can. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I enjoy spending time with Joshua; we have a lot of fun together and learn something new every day. That being said, when I have a new book to start or I’m really interested in one I’ve already opened, the reader in me is just waiting for bedtime! Once Joshua is asleep, it’s prime time for me to settle under the covers in bed (my favorite place to read!) with a book. It’s my most-likely-to-be-quiet time, and I can usually get into a story with limited, if any, interruptions. However, while nighttime is my favorite time to read, it’s not the only time I do it. Things will happen — I’m too tired, or I have six loads of laundry to fold, or a TV show I love is on, or The Hubby wants some attention — that prevent me from reading sometimes, while at other times I start reading and get so into a book that I don’t want to put it down. Whatever might be the case, there are times during the day that you might catch me reading:
1. When Joshua is watching a Team Umizoomi or Bubble Guppies movie. Those things are long and hold his attention beautifully, and he enjoys participating and shouting out answers to their questions!
2. When Joshua is happily playing with trains or Matchbox cars. He could seriously sit at my kitchen table, lining up race cars for hours!
3. When Joshua is playing outside. Give the kid some sidewalk chalk, ride-on toys, and a view of the airplanes flying over the house, and I’m pretty much free to do anything for hours at a time.
4. When Joshua is sleeping. Since he stopped napping at home many months ago, I’ve learned to always carry my NOOK or a book in my bag when we go out…especially around midday or in the afternoons. He almost always falls asleep and, as long as it’s not 100* in the car, I’ll turn the car off, open the windows, and sit and read for up to an hour while he naps!

So there’s your answer! A follow-up question I also hear a lot is, What do you like to keep near you when you read? Most of my reading is done in bed or on the couch, and I don’t keep much stuff around me. Usually, I just keep my iPhone (I can voice-message notes into blog drafts on my WordPress app and live-tweet from it!) and maybe a drink — a mug of tea, a bottle of water — next to me and not much else. How I figure, too many things around me distract me from the task at hand…and I’m sitting down to focus on a story, and not so much on having a snack or seeing who’s on Facebook. I personally just prefer to keep things simple and uncluttered.

Reading is something I’ve loved doing since I was very young, and I’m so happy that the love of books, words, and stories continued into my adulthood. As far as I’m concerned, I will always make time to read — it’s worth setting aside the time for!

So how about you? Since you’re here, it’s probably a safe assumption that you have some level of interest in reading. Do you make time to read? When and where do you enjoy reading? Are there any particular conditions you prefer reading in? Any drinks, snacks, or other items you like to keep nearby while your nose is buried in a book? Let’s talk in the comments!