Joshua’s Bookshelf!: Sesame Street: The Post Office, by Sarah Albee

[This review is based on the paperback edition published by Dalmatian Press in 2011.]

So what’s it about?
Elmo wants to show his cousin a picture of a lost puppy, but his cousin lives far away and Elmo doesn’t fit in the mail slot. Big Bird suggests that Elmo should mail his cousin the picture, so they learn the process of preparing and sending mail through the post office.

What did we think of the book?
Joshua loved The Post Office for two reasons. First, it features Big Bird and Elmo, whom Joshua obviously recognizes from Sesame Street; second, it’s all about the post office and the mail, which Joshua is obsessed with! He loves waving to our mail carrier every day when he delivers the mail and he’s always going on about the “mailman trucks” (which he actually owns a Matchbox version of — it’s his favorite car!), so I knew he’d love this story. As for me, I was thrilled with all the vocabulary words (and the definitions in the back of the book!) and all of the comprehension questions on the last page. Anything that Joshua will enjoy and simultaneously educate him in some way is okay by me!

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
Definitely! There are several companion books to this, which you may be able to find on Amazon or possibly in Target or Walmart (we found our copies in the dollar bins at Target). They’re fun little books for children to enjoy!

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