Friday Finish-up: Week of July 26, 2014

My two-week hiatus has come to an end and I’m back!! I’m so excited to be live again and sharing tons of fun new content with all of you! There’s not much to “finish up” for this week, as I only posted a new title for Joshua’s bookshelf on Monday and a fresh review this morning…but there’ll be lots to share next week! Because these wrap-up posts are going live on Fridays, for all intents and purposes a “week” will be considered Saturday to Friday around here.

In case you missed them, you can find…

Our review of Goodnight Baseball, by Michael Dahl, here

And my latest review, featuring How to Climb the Eiffel Tower, by Elizabeth Hein, here!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! And don’t forget to swing by over the weekend to check out my 6 Degrees of Separation post, featuring Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn!

Thanks for bearing with me — I really appreciate you sticking around! 🙂