Joshua’s Bookshelf!: Goodnight Baseball, by Michael Dahl

[This review is based on the hardcover edition published by the Capstone Young Readers imprint of Capstone Publishing, in partnership with Sports Illustrated Kids, in 2013.]

So what’s it about?
A boy and his father attend a baseball game! They share their entire experience in simple, sweet rhymes, from the moment they park their car at the stadium and sit down with hot dogs and popcorn to celebrating a win and falling asleep in the car.

What did we think of the book?
First of all, the artwork…this gorgeous artwork!! Kudos to Christina Forshay on her beautiful illustrations! (It’s funny — the boy in the book looks nothing like Joshua, but the father reminded me very much of The Hubby!)

Goodnight Baseball is the perfect story to read to young children who haven’t yet attended their first major- or minor-league baseball game, as well as for those who just want to relive the experience between stadium visits. It explains each step in entering the ballpark, purchasing food, and watching the game; Joshua has never been to a ballgame, so this was a completely new experience for him. He wanted to know what everything was and, after going through the whole book, went back to reread it from the beginning and wanted me to quiz him on all the items in the pictures! On top of that, we talked about some of the rhyming words and discussed how they sound the same. Goodnight Baseball increased his interest in attending a baseball game, so I think Hubs will be taking him next spring…and possibly purchasing a t-ball set and a glove to start teaching him the basics! I’m also realizing that perhaps I need to acquire some new Yankees gear for Joshua before next spring!

I was left wondering whether any of our major league ballparks would be interested in selling Goodnight Baseball in their gift shops. I am absolutely positive, as both a book blogger and a parent, that it would sell very well!

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
It’s already there, and that’s where it’s staying! The best part is that it serves double duty, both as a regular read-aloud and as a bedtime story! (Double yay!) There’s another book like this one, called Goodnight Football — it looks like I’ll be picking up a copy of that as well!

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