Joshua’s Bookshelf!: The Magnificent Sprinkles: Growing Up Sprinkleliciously, by Vicki Sewell

[This review is based on the hardcover edition published by Pea Ridge Productions in 2013.]

So what’s it about?
Grandma Leah is watching the last few raindrops fall outside and knows that a rainbow will turn them into Sprinkles, magical creatures designed to aid and support children as they face difficult situations throughout childhood. Each Sprinkle’s name is an acronym describing their purpose: NEA helps children to remember that they’re “Never Ever Alone”; SAM reminds kids that they’re “Strong And Mighty”; LACI spreads “Love And Care Incessantly”; and CAZI, or “Catch And Zap Immediately”, fights off nightmares. Grandma Leah packs her things and sets out on a mission to deliver each Sprinkle to a child in need!

What did we think of the book?
At first look, the artwork immediately brought forth memories of the Trolls I grew up playing with. The Sprinkles are based in a similar concept to that of the Trolls, but their names represent their powers and those powers serve very specific purposes. I really liked the acronyms and what they stood for, and I’m happy that actual plush characters are available for purchase on the Magnificent Sprinkles website (so, for example, a child who has trouble sleeping at night might own a CAZI doll to fight off the nightmares). Joshua, meanwhile, liked flipping through the book, pointing out the colors and features of the Sprinkles. We got to talk about why each Sprinkle exists and how they can help children like Joshua.

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
More than anything else, The Magnificent Sprinkles is a book about friendship, kindness, confidence, and reassurance. It’s a beautiful little story and so many children would benefit from reading it and owning a Sprinkle of their own! I’ll definitely be keeping Joshua’s copy on his bookshelf, and I hope you’ll give them a look, too!

Learn more about The Magnificent Sprinkles and purchase the book, plush characters, and the gift set here!

  • Erin, you have provided a beautifully written review. Your description of the book’s content and purpose is spot on! I really appreciate your efforts and your dedication to children’s well being. Thank you so very much.
    Vicki Sewell

  • readathomemama

    And thank you for writing it!