Talking Fitness Thursday: Overtired, Overworked, Overwhelmed

So much has happened over the last week! It’s crazy — I think I’ve been through more over the last seven or eight days than I have in the last year. Between traveling to and from New York City alone for the first time ever, having to learn to network with strangers, and carrying my weight in books with no help, BEA was a long couple of days. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it; I had the time of my life, made some new friends, and discovered books, authors,and publishers I may not have if I hadn’t come to the Expo. The only real bummer was that my brand-new Fitbit was stolen right off my wrist when I was trying to walk through the crush of commuters in Penn Station on Thursday! It’s embarrassing and a shame that it happened, but I’ll just save up for a new one so it’s not that big of a deal. (By the way, you can read about my experience at the Bloggers Conference here, and about BEA itself here and here.)

The final day of the Expo, called BookCon, took place this past Saturday. When I came home, The Hubby was kind enough to take care of Joshua for the rest of the night, allowing me to relax and decompress. Little did we know then how important it would become that I had that time! The following morning, I woke up and immediately decided against food shopping, which I typically do first thing on Sunday mornings (because I hate waiting in long lines, especially the grocery store’s checkout ones), instead choosing to chill out at home with my family. We’d made plans before BEA to watch my godson that afternoon, and we were expected at his house around 2pm. Because Hubs had forgotten and told his parents that he would bring Joshua over that afternoon, he would have to call and cancel. Once we opted to go out for lunch as a family before heading over to babysit, Hubs placed a call to his parents and was greeted with shocking news: His youngest brother (my brother-in-law), who works on one of the roller coasters at our local Six Flags park, had suffered head trauma and was being rushed to the hospital!

In a panic, I called Diana (my godson’s mother, who also happens to be Joshua’s godmother) and informed her of the situation. We agreed to reschedule for another day and then Hubs rushed to the hospital. Shortly after arriving, we learned that Zach had a severe concussion and no feeling in his left side. We visited with him for a while, and he was understandably much more subdued than usual. We had to explain to Joshua that he had a boo-boo inside his head and that he needed to be treated quietly and gently…because how else do you explain a concussion to a two-year-old? Once we knew that Zach was going to be all right, we left and went to get something to eat. I should have known that that was just the beginning of what would shape up to be a really rough week.

Since then, I’ve been babysitting daily. My sister has needed care for my nephew, Landon, nearly every day this week; the only day he wasn’t here was Tuesday, and I babysat my friend’s daughter that day (as I do every Tuesday). This past Tuesday, poor Bella got sick! I was so grateful that Joshua was on his best behavior. It really seemed to me that he understood that the baby was sick and needed my attention, and he was willing to concede (if only for the day). I did my best to take care of her and I’m happy that she’s doing much better now. I don’t know what was going on with her, but I hadn’t seen that much vomit since Joshua was her age. I had to use a bath towel to clean it all up! Thank goodness for washing machines, because yuck!

So tomorrow my other brother-in-law, my sister’s husband Shawn, is planning to come over. Thankfully, he’s offered to watch the boys and buy me lunch for the tough week I’ve had. All I know is that I’m in desperate need of a massage, a pair of Advil, and a nap.

And a new Fitbit.

How’s your week going? Shout it out in the comments!

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