The Liebster Award

I may be at BEA today, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop sharing posts… and today I’m writing about an award I’ve received! Jennifer over at MumsMusingMind nominated me for a Liebster Award — thank you so much!! The Liebster Award, I’ve learned, is about bloggers recognizing the hard work of other bloggers and nominating them for the award to promote them. I’m humbled and honored to have been nominated, so thank you again, Jennifer!

OK, so here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display your award.
  • Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.
  • Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate eleven blogs (200 followers or less) that you think deserve the award.
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
  • Give them eleven questions to answer.

These are the questions that Jennifer wanted me to answer!
If you could have any super power, what would it be? I’d have the power to hit the “mute” button whenever I feel it’s necessary. I love my family and I know life is loud, but sometimes you just need a bit of peace and quiet!
What is your blog’s theme and why did you chose it? My blog’s theme is pink-and-brown and cherry blossom-themed! I just loved the colors together, and cherry blossoms are my favorite flower. The fact that Hubs was able to incorporate books in with the flowers in the header tree just made the whole design that much more perfect and more “me”.
What is your favorite thing to do with your kid(s)? I love taking Joshua to the playground — it’s incredible how much joy can be found in something as simple as a swing or a slide!
Do you have an idol? Who is it and why? I idolize several people for various reasons, but there’s no time to get into each and every one of them here. My number one person, though, would be my husband (cue the cheeeeeeeese….). He loves Joshua and I unconditionally, and he works his ass off to support us. I wouldn’t be able to run this blog, or stay home with Joshua, without his help.
If time travel was real, where would you go? Either ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Tudor England, or the 1860s (I’m fascinated with the American Civil War).
What is your favorite vacation/travel location? I love Williamsburg, Virginia (it’s where Hubs and I took our first-ever vacation together, and where we got engaged) and Disney World in Florida (where we honeymooned). Nothing exotic or majestic for me…I keep it simple. And domestic (LOL).
What is your proudest moment/achievement? Professionally, the day this happened. (Thank you, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore!) Personally, the day Joshua was born — up until that point, I would never have believed that giving birth to a real, live child that I could call my very own, was actually possible (which, as I discovered much later, was probably thanks to PCOS.)
Do you have a life mantra/saying/quote & what is it? I actually don’t have one! I should probably work on that…
What is your favorite post you’ve written? (include link) This one, this one, and this one!
Do you have any regrets? I have several, actually. One: that my grandmother didn’t live to meet Joshua — she’d been asking for a great-grandbaby for years after Hubs and I got married. Two, that I didn’t follow up my Bachelor’s in English with a Master’s in either Creative Writing or Publishing (because books have always been my greatest comfort, escape, and calling). Three, that the last relationship I was in before starting one with the man who would become my husband ended the way it did…I really wish we were still friends. And four, that I didn’t start taking better care of my body sooner after Joshua was born (but better late than never, right?).
What would you do with 10 million dollars? Pay off every bill we have. Remodel our house completely. Buy a new car. Take a really long, awesome vacation. Go back to school. Pay for whatever we needed to conceive a second child. And buy books….all the books!

And here are 11 random facts about me…
1. I had reading comprehension issues as a child. (Thank God — and Mom — for helping me to overcome them!)
2. I really want to try my hand at homeschooling Joshua, at least for the first couple of years.
3. If another boy is in our future, his name will be Jackson Ryan. If there’s a girl ahead, her name will be Caila Elisabeth. And if we have twins….we’re screwed, and not just for names.
4. Going to BEA this week will mark my first time ever traveling into New York City by myself.
5. My favorite song at the moment is Happy by Pharrell Williams.
6. I can’t wait to see The Fault in Our Stars, though I haven’t yet read the book. (And I’m planning to read the book before seeing the film, and reviewing both here!)
7. I have never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Homeland, or The Walking Dead. (We don’t get the channels! It’s not my fault!)
8. My favorite job that I ever had — aside from what I’m doing now — was working as a rides operator at Six Flags Great Adventure as a teenager.
9. I could eat Reese’s peanut butter cups all day, every day.
10. My favorite chore to do is laundry, and my least favorite is dishes.
11. Don’t bother me on Thursday nights — I have to watch The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal!

So to finish it off, here’s who I’d like to nominate for the Liebster Award (hang the rules, I’m nominating them because I love their blogs, not because of their numbers!):
Carmen at ShuGar Love
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Tina at Christina’s Kitchen
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Sue at Book by Book
Becca at Glow by Beauty Gala
Laura at A Novel Review
Katie at The Lil’ Life of Lil’ Lady KT
Nikki at From My Life to Our Life
Lindsey at Love to the Moon and Back
Tanya at Mom’s Small Victories

And here are the eleven questions I’d like for them to answer!
1. What is your cannot miss TV show?
2. When you were a little girl, what did you dream of being when you grew up?
3. If you had a million dollars and had to donate all of it to charity, which charity/ies would you choose, and why?
4. What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?
5. Imagine your house is completely clean and your family gives you a day of peace and quiet. How do you spend the day?
6. Describe your perfect ice-cream sundae. (Summer has unofficially started, after all!)
7. Link to your favorite blog post that you’ve ever written!
8. What’s the #1 must-do item on your bucket list?
9. Would you rather cuddle up at home with a book or go hiking or camping?
10. Name your favorite place to go shopping.
11. What’s your biggest regret in life?

Have a great day, everyone!

  • OMG, love your reply for this! My daughter would probably like a mute button too. I really love your site and would NEVER had thought you had a problem reading as a child. And it’s ok to be cheesy when it comes to the hubbs. That’s why we marry them right? So we can be all cheesy lovey and goofy. That’s really sweet that you consider him an idol. Hope you’re having a great time in New York!