The #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject: I Love Books!

Happy Thursday, readers! You know what Thursday means around here…


Our topic this week is the most open-ended one we’ve had yet, and I love it! “Post anything your heart desires about love. The only requisite is that you share your love with the rest of us.”

Carmen’s post is here.

So this week I want to talk about the great love of my life. Not my husband, not my son, not my dog. No, no, no — the other one.

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Hello, my babies. My darlings. My first loves! Even before I discovered boys, I had you.

What can I say? The smell of a new book is comforting to me, a reminder of home. I love rubbing the pages between my fingers, checking the strength of the bindings, fitting a paperback comfortably between my small hands. I have a habit of removing dust jackets from hardcovers and setting them aside while I read so as to avoid tearing them (because I want my books to look as beautiful as they deserve to!). My books are a huge part of my identity, and I do my best to take care of them. They deserve respect — a lot of work went into putting those words on the page, both in terms of crafting the words into a beautiful story and of printing the story again and again, page after page and book after book; into creating a strong and eye-catching cover; into binding each set of pages into a copy to be displayed, purchased, and loved by a reader. Every time I walk into a Barnes and Noble or log on to Amazon, I imagine every book for sale is an orphan, just looking for a mommy. I want to be their mommy! Give me all the books! I can take care of every single one of you!

I wonder if The Hubby can build me a Barnes and Noble-sized library…

So what, besides your family and friends, do you love?

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  • I love reading also. I haven’t really read a book in a long time though. Eventually I’d like to sit back and read a book.

  • readathomemama

    Even if you can only do it for a half-hour before bed, it’s totally worth it!