No Good Deed…?

Last week, I became eligible to upgrade my cell phone. I’d had a Samsung S3 for two years and was stuck between upgrading to a Samsung S5, which just came out a few weeks ago, or going with an iPhone instead. I weighed the pros and cons of each model, considering a ton of factors, and on Satuday morning I reached a verdict and told The Hubby I was ready to go to the mall and purchase a new phone.

Hello, iPhone 5c. (I got the pink one, too!)

Image via Apple

While the manager in the Sprint store was transferring my contacts and photos from the S3 to the iPhone, Joshua naturally grew very restless; like most two-year-olds, he hates waiting. He can’t sit still for long. The mall’s food court was positioned almost directly above the store, so I sent him upstairs with Hubs to go play in the children’s play area. What felt like (and may actually have been) an hour later, my iPhone was activated and ready to be used and I was heading upstairs to meet up with my family. I told Hubs that I was all set and walked Joshua over to the cubbies to put his socks and shoes back on. The iPhone was in my pocket; its packaging, along with the contract I’d just signed and an SD card full of pictures from my old phone (which the manager had been unable to transfer between phones), were in a Sprint store bag I’d been carrying in my hand. I set the bag on the floor to assist Joshua with his socks and shoes, and then we left the mall to grab dinner.

It wasn’t until we were home and I walked through our front door that I realized I didn’t have the bag.

Crap. Crappity crap crap crap!!

Without the bag, I was unable to charge the phone, which was slowly losing battery power. I was unable to file away the contract. Most importantly, I was unable to plug the SD card, full of photos of my son, into my computer and save them. Fortunately, the pictures were copied onto the SD card, and they remained on my old phone (which I kept) as well. I still have the pictures, but it worries me that there is some stranger out there somewhere with copies of lots of pictures of my little boy. The charger, while valuable, is replaceable (and I bought a new charger yesterday afternoon), and I don’t use earbuds so those would have collected dust anyway. The contract, however, has my name and phone number on it; if someone picked up the bag and looked inside it, you’d think they’d see my name and phone number and call me to say, “Hey, I found your bag. Let’s meet up so I can give it back to you.” Either someone is being incredibly dishonest or the bag was picked up and thrown away. I think it would bother me a little less if I hadn’t left the bag in a children’s play area, where lots of parents are hovering. They have impressionable children of their own, and either taking the bag home or simply throwing it away sends a very bad message, in my opinion.

Bad luck on my part, I guess. It kind of ruined my weekend, but now it’s completely out of my hands. I don’t know what else I can possibly do. I searched the mall yesterday, checking the Sprint store, the play area, and the Lost and Found for the bag to no avail. It would seem that the bag is lost. Even if I wanted to return the iPhone now, I can’t do it without its packaging…so I guess it’s confirmed that I’ll be an iPhone user for the next two years unless a miracle happens sometime in the next two weeks.

Last week I was talking about the good karma I experienced in the mall. This weekend, I got a taste of the exact opposite. Last time was full of joy and good deeds; now, not so much.

No good deed goes unpunished?