The Night of A Thousand Cars

Before we left for vacation a few weeks ago, we dropped our sweet Frankie off with my in-laws to spend the week. If we could have, we would have brought Frankie to Virginia with us…but knowing that dogs aren’t allowed in theme parks (unless they’re service dogs), we didn’t want to keep our baby locked up in a kennel for four days. My in-laws have two dachshunds of their own, and both are related to Frankie, and they all clearly love to be together. It was the best option for all of us!

While we were there, I asked my mother-in-law if she had any of her youngest son Zach’s old trains or Matchbox cars in the basement. (Zach, being 17 now, probably wasn’t playing with them anymore and I didn’t think he’d mind sharing.) I just wanted to let Joshua pick out a couple to take with us on vacation, to give him something familiar from home to play with during the car ride and in the hotel. I figured my mother-in-law would have some cars and trains, we’d take a few, and everything would be great.

I wasn’t counting on the half-full banker’s box of Matchbox cars that was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. I think it goes without saying that the box was the metal-and-plastic equivalent of nirvana for my vehicle-obsessed toddler.

I’m pretty sure he heard the choirs of angels singing the moment he laid eyes on the contents of the box…and there was no way we were going to get back in the car without the box.

The entire box.

Thirty minutes later, we were home and Joshua was busy anointing virtually every surface in our house with the contents of his newest obsession. The kitchen table and the rug underneath were his favorite spots to unload all of his new loot!

And what’s a discussion about Joshua’s new toys without a photo of the happy child with his new playthings?

I get the feeling that this obsession is going to be sticking around for a while….