Joshua’s Bookshelf!: Pig and Small, by Alex Latimer

[This review is based on the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) digital edition published by Peachtree Publishers in 2014, and provided by NetGalley.]

So what’s it about?
Pig wakes up one morning to discover his nose is squeaking. He thinks there’s something wrong with him until he looks closely and notices a bug standing on it! They try becoming friends and doing things together but Bug is too small to ride a bike or play chess, and Pig is too big to appreciate the tiny cake and sweater that Bug makes for him…so they decide they can’t be friends anymore. A surprise brings them back together and they learn that, while they’re very different in size, they still have a lot in common!

What did we think of the book?
Pig and Small is super cute! The illustrations are beautiful and the story itself is very funny. Joshua enjoyed pretending to snort like Pig and squeak like Bug, and I liked that the story explained how some people (and creatures) like to do things that others don’t. It was nice to see that something so simple drew them back together and confirmed that they could, in fact, be friends. This is going to be a valuable lesson for Joshua as he grows up in our diverse world!

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
Yeah! It’s a very cute little book and it’s going to be a great teaching tool in the coming months and years as Joshua begins to take notice of and understand all the ways in which people are similar and different. Pig and Small is a keeper!

Pig and Small will be available for purchase on August 1, 2014.