The #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject: Loving Words

Happy Thursday!! Carmen just had her Baby ShuGar (YAY!!!! Congratulations!!!!), and somehow she’s still finding time to post! (Hello, scheduled posting!) As is old news by now, Thursday means two things around here: Talking Fitness, which has already gone live for today, and….


Carmen asked her project participants to answer the following question: “Share your favorite (or one of your favorite) love quotes. Why does this quote resonate to you? Share your heart with us!”

You can read Carmen’s response here.

As for me?

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss

It’s as simple as it sounds. When The Hubby and I met, we’d stay online all night — literally, all night — talking to each other instead of sleeping. Entering the subsequent zombie state was totally worth it because I was spending time with and learning more about someone I cared deeply about and wanted to get to know better. Who needs sleep when you have love?

The quote still holds true these days, too. We have Joshua now, and most nights he wakes in the night looking for his daddy. Hubs gets out of bed and goes to his room to help him get back to sleep, and usually winds up falling asleep there and staying for the night. Because I’m in the “big bed” all alone (save for Frankie, who doesn’t really count on account of his small size), I don’t sleep well on those nights. I’ve always tended to sleep better with Hubs in bed with me, not only because he helps to keep the bed warm but because his presence is comforting to me. Despite the fact that he takes up most of our full-size bed with his spread-out style of sleeping, I’d take less square footage on the mattress over sleeping without him any night of the week. He’s an integral part of a good night’s sleep for me!

So tell me: what’s your favorite love quote?

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  • When I first met my husband, we would stay up all night too talking to each other online as well. We instantly connected and wanted to know more about each other.