52 in 52: The Undiscovered Goddess, by Michelle Colston

[This review is based on the digital edition published by Michelle Colston in 2012, and provided by NetGalley.]

Here’s the deal:
Stay-at-home mom Holly decides to take a Cosmo quiz and is disturbed by her “Stylish but Shallow” result; it leads to some self-reflection and to Holly purchasing a workbook entitled Discover Your Inner Goddess. She embarks on a yearlong journey of self-discovery, journaling from start to finish, as she works through her fears and finds her very own inner goddess.

My thoughts:
The Undiscovered Goddess is basically an epistolary novel, in that it’s written mostly in the form of journal entries. Holly treats her journal like a friend, writing as though they’re having a conversation about Holly’s life and experiences, challenges and growth. I enjoy this writing style because it’s the one I try to use when I blog; it’s the easiest and most comfortable voice to read. That being said, I spent a long time reading this — we’re talking on and off for about a week or so. But why, when book reviews are essentially my bread and butter, would I linger for so long on this one book?

Because honestly, I didn’t like Holly at the start of the story. She was selfish and bitchy, unrelatable (for me personally, as someone who doesn’t obsess over Cosmo quiz results), and kind of difficult to like. As I read on, however, I came to the uncomfortable realization that the reason for my initial dislike was because she reminded me a bit of myself (minus the love of expensive shoes and the desire to learn to play guitar). Fortunately, Holly began to change as she continued through the workbook; not only did I find myself starting to like her, but I also wanted to try using the workbook in my own life. Though the novel is a work of fiction, each workbook lesson is based in reality and can certainly be utilized by real people — and that’s what I hope to do. Whether I’ll share my journey publicly remains to be seen, but I’ll tell you this much: if you decide to give The Undiscovered Goddess a read and you’re also looking to make some changes or enhancements to your life, you may find yourself using the workbook lessons, too!

So would I recommend this book?
Definitely. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning as I did, but over time you will begin to see The Undiscovered Goddess for what it truly is: an encouraging reminder that every woman is worth her salt. Every woman is as good as, or better than, she thinks she is. Every woman is a goddess.

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  • Amazing review, Erin – I can’t tell you how much it does my heart good that this was your takeaway from my book! Thank you!

  • readathomemama

    Thank you so much for writing it, Michelle! It was not at all what I expected — it was way more! This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me! Thank you for writing it 🙂

  • momssmallvictories

    Sounds like a good one and us women need to hear those positive affirmations every once in awhile.