Talking Fitness Thursday: Finding My Fitness

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been learning that the term “fitness” really has many components. Most people associate that f-word with looking like this:

Image viaFlashFit Portland

I’ve come to accept that I may or may not ever look anything like that again, and I’m okay with that. I don’t remember a time when my abs ever looked that good, though I do remember having a flatter tummy. That flatter tummy, however, existed before having a baby…not that that’s really any excuse. I mean, look at Maria Kang:

Image via Maria Kang

Now, I’m not one of the people who has gotten all worked up about her “What’s Your Excuse?” tagline. I think it’s great for her that she looks so good after having three children, and I aspire to get fit like she has done. Do I want to get to a point where I could feasibly consider entering some kind of fitness contest? Not necessarily. I just want to regain control of my health, as I’ve been saying for months, and feel more like myself again. I don’t necessarily want to throw away my entire pre-baby wardrobe (because I can and do still wear much of it) and brag about going from a pre-pregnancy size 6 or 8 to a post-baby 2 or 4. Aside from the fact that I wouldn’t want to rub something like that in people’s faces, I also can’t afford to purchase a whole new wardrobe…unless I were to win the lottery. That’d be a whole other story. (Talk about enabling my inner shopaholic!)

What I am doing, however, is enough for me at this particular point in time. While I don’t spend as much time on Pinterest as I used to, I did find my first “real” workout plan on it, and I am forever thankful for that. This is seriously middle-school gym-class stuff (reps notwithstanding) and it seems ridiculous, but it actually seems to be working, so who am I to complain?

Image via Pinterest

I’m still considering myself just a beginner right now, and so while my jumping jacks, squats, and crunches look like anyone else’s, I’m doing pushups right now using my knees instead of the balls of my feet. As someone who hasn’t done a truly serious workout in a long time, doing this set of exercises as-is is exhausting for me, and from what I understand about exercise that’s how it should make me feel. Of course, when I’m approaching the end of the list and doing fewer reps of each exercise it gets harder to continue (as it should), but I keep going and not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish the last pushup, but the endorphin rush hits me at that same moment.

And then all I want to do is dance…so I do a little bit of Zumba!

We got a stationary bike several years ago; The Hubby was messing around with it and accidentally shorted the electronic display on it, so he proclaimed that the bike wasn’t working anymore and we both stopped using it. A few nights ago, I got on it and almost immediately felt a burn in my legs. It looks like I can keep using the bike, too! And it has a small shelf that’s meant to hold an iPod but is big enough to put a book on, so I’m using it for my NOOK. Reading and riding? Yay for killing two birds with one stone!

I also purchased a jump rope about a week ago, but I haven’t done much with it yet. Hubs and I are also still trying to figure out how to budget some money for weights and a treadmill, as I mentioned two weeks ago. He’s been really busy at work lately and has been coming home late, so it’s hard to talk as much as we want to. We’re working on it, though!

So I’m officially dedicated to finding my fitness. I don’t care so much about skinny; I just want to be strong and toned again. I’m working toward that goal with both diet (which, by the way, has turned out to be easier than I initially imagined it’d be, thanks to Becca and a book she recommended, which I’ll link you to below) and exercise, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself at this point in time. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

What, if anything, are you doing to improve your health and/or fitness?