Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

We’re less than a week away from vacation time, and the excitement is starting to take over! Busch Gardens Williamsburg, here we come!!!

The Hubby and I explained to Joshua about a week ago that “the rides will be open” when we go on vacation. This might prompt any adult out there to say, “Whatever!”, but for Joshua, it’s the greatest sentence ever uttered. He’s been waiting all winter for this! The amusement park, his single favorite place on Earth, is open and he can go on as many rides as he wants!

Something so simple makes my little boy happy, so who am I to complain?

We’ve got big plans for Joshua for this trip! I’ve been showing him some of the rides he’ll get to go on, and he’s been getting more and more hyped up by the minute, it seems. We’ll get to ride the all-important “big choo-choo train”:

The skyride:

The kiddie bumper cars:

The airplanes:

The river cruise:

And even a Sesame Street-themed roller coaster!

All images via Busch Gardens Williamsburg

And that’s just to name a few!

I don’t think excited is anywhere near how good Joshua’s feeling. Ecstatic? Maybe. Elated? Possibly. Bouncing-off-the-freaking-walls-oh-my-God-why-can’t-we-go-right-now-I-want-to-ride-the-rides-right-this-very-second? That sounds about right. He’s so excited that, every time I showed him a ride on the Busch Gardens website and then placed some pictures on this blog post, he threw up his hands in confusion and said, “The rides are gone?!” I think someone’s ready for a road trip!

Is it Monday yet?!?

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    I’ll definitely look into that! Thanks!

  • Aww, sounds like fun! Have fun on your trip 🙂

  • readathomemama

    Thank you!