The #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject: What I Love About Me

It’s Thursday again, which means it’s time for…


So this week Carmen asked, “What do you love about yourself? Name a physical characteristic and a non-physical characteristic you admire.”

You can read her response here.

The physical part of my response this week is being stolen from a post I did about a month ago:

Physical: I love my belly. There are stretch marks permanently tattooed on it, an incision cuts across my abdomen, and a little more fat sits within it than earlier in my life, but these are signs of a major life event. These are proof that I’ve carried and given birth to a child, which means more than anything in the world to me. My clothes don’t fit over my belly the way they used to, but I’m okay with that, for now. It is my belly, and I love it.

(You can read my original post, A Love Letter to My Body, here; it was inspired by my best friend Becca’s post about the same topic.)

And non-physical: I love my love of reading and writing. It sustains me and helps me to grow. I fall in love with new characters and new stories, and reading others’ work inspires me. Having this love of reading and writing makes me feel intelligent; when I’m around other people who also love reading and writing, I feel like myself. I feel like I belong. I feel loved! I hope to channel all that positivity into a book of my own someday!

So what do you love about yourself? Talk to me in the comments!

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  • I agree about the stretch marks. Even thought I may never wear a bikini again, I remember the time my girls spent in my womb and grew everyday. I’d rather have my girls than a perfect stomach. They are well worth the stretch marks.

  • Yes! Stretch marks are a sign of the gift you gave to this world. Couldn’t agree more! Oh, and can I say you are my go-to for all reading for ShuGar Boy. I’m so lucky to have found you so I can learn about great books to read baby. Your reading reviews are awesome and I thank you for sharing them with us!

  • You and I have the same love of a C-section scar! I have always told my son that its the most loved scar on my body. I have the up/down scar from years ago(emergency), but I love and appreciate it even more and would never get rid of it with Plastic Surgery. I love your writing also. It is filled with love. Keep it up, it is an inspiration. #allyouneedisloveproject

  • readathomemama

    Thank you so much! So many people hate their scars but this one means the world to me – the most beautiful and important gift on Earth resulted from it, and the scar serves to remind me of that every day!