Rocket Man

For the last two days, Joshua has lived — literally, lived — in this shirt.

Because I can’t get him to sit or stand still to get a better shot, this is the culprit to which I’m referring:

It’s a really cute shirt, isn’t it? I saw it in the store and liked the color and design, so I picked it up for Joshua. I had no idea that it would soon become his favorite shirt! Whenever I wash it, he wants to wear it again the moment he sees it back on its hanger in the closet. If I pull out another shirt, he says, “No! Rocket ship shirt!” Who am I to say no?

And then he decided last night that, though he’d worn it all day already, he didn’t want to take it off. I convinced him to remove it long enough for me to change the onesie underneath, and we skipped a bath last night (because what’s the point in getting clean if you’re just going to put a dirty shirt back on?). He wore his rocket ship to bed last night with a pair of fleece pants, and I figured that either The Hubby or I could get him out of the shirt when he did his first diaper change this morning.

Boy, was I wrong.

I’ve told him that the shirt needs to be washed. That it’s a play shirt, not a sleep shirt. That there are about a thousand other shirts he could wear until the rocket ship is clean.


So this is day two with the rocket ship shirt on. So help me God, there will not be a day three…the fact that he’s already had this shirt on for over 24 hours grosses me out enough, but it’s really not a battle worth fighting — as long as there isn’t a day three. For now, though, Rocket Man will live another day.

So, what’s your child’s favorite garment? How many consecutive days did you allow them to wear it before you threw in the towel and made them take it off?