Sunny Days

…Sweeping the clouds away…

Saturday was the kind of day they sing about in the Sesame Street theme song. Really, it was! After the winter we’ve had in the Northeast — constantly below-freezing temperatures, several snowstorms, dreary overcast skies — Saturday brought a much-needed respite and reminder that spring was on the way. I knew there was no way I could or would keep Joshua holed up in the house all day, so we set up a playground playdate with his godmother and aunt and their sons!

We arrived at the playground in coats and quickly realized that it was warm enough to remove them, so I let Joshua run around in a sweater and he seemed perfectly comfortable. He immediately found his way to the tall play structure that was labeled as appropriate for children ages 5-12 and looked up at the big slide. Could he make his way up to it without my help and without hurting himself?

Who says you have to be five to climb up to the big slide?!

And coming down the slide is just as much fun as getting up to it!

Someone’s ready to go and do it again…

And again, and again, and again, and again….

Even after climbing and sliding down the slide about 500 times, Joshua decided that he wasn’t done being a big kid. We have two pairs of swings on our playground: the regular “big-kid” ones that you just sit on and pump your legs, and then the toddler swings with leg holes to prevent little ones from falling off the seat. Every time we’ve come to the playground in the past, Joshua always sat in the toddler swings without question or argument. On Saturday, though, he watched from the toddler swing as his friend James briefly sat down on the big-kid swing, his mom holding him in place the whole time, and swung for a minute or two. James eventually moved back to the toddler swings, but Joshua’s interest was piqued and he asked to get out of the seat on his swing. I took him out and, after running around for a few minutes, he ran over to the big-kid swing and asked me to help him into it. I did — terrified to do so, I might add — and took my position behind him, ready to push him (or catch him if he fell off the seat). I directed him to hold on to the chains and started pushing.

Apparently, he thinks toddler swings are for babies now. Completely unaware of how to pump his legs, he sat happily with his hands gripping the chains while I pushed him back and forth.

After what felt like an eternity to this very worried mom, the inevitable happened and he nearly fell out of the swing. I caught him and set him on his feet, where he cried for a moment before moving on to play elsewhere. I guess he still needs to practice getting into and out of big-kid swings! Joshua just brushed it off, though, so I followed his lead and let it go. Later, he returned to the toddler swings, where the toddler overtook the big kid and he dozed off in the seat.

This is what he looked like about 10 seconds before passing out. Once his posture started slumping and his eyes closed, I knew it was time to call the playdate and head home.

What a playdate! Two hours of free physical play on the first sunny and warm day of the year, and Joshua voluntarily chose to use the big-kid play equipment! To top it all off, Joshua told me he’s not a baby anymore, but instead he’s a big man now!

Sunny days are here to stay, in more ways than one!

  • Nina

    James thoroughly enjoyed the playground. The hour n a half nap proves it!