Tiny Dancer

Seven years ago, The Hubby and I went on our honeymoon to Disney World in Florida. It remains my favorite trip ever; one reason for this is the awesome Cirque du Soleil show, La Nouba, that Hubs took me to see. We loved the show so much that we bought the DVD and the CD, and we used to watch and listen to them frequently. More recently, we haven’t had the time to press play and relive that fantastic show…

…until this past Sunday, when Hubs found the CD sitting in our stereo. I put it in there a long time ago and completely forgot about it, but Hubs found it and, instead of removing it, pressed play.

Let’s just say that Joshua is not only a fan, but he discovered that he loves to dance!

Ever since Sunday morning, Joshua has been dancing to every piece of music he’s heard. I like to think it’s because of his exposure to La Nouba…he didn’t dance nearly as often before Hubs played him that CD. I was already thinking of enrolling Joshua in gymnastics classes because of this:

Now I’m thinking that perhaps a dance class might be a good idea for him, too. I know that some people wound consider these to be “girly” things but they fit his current interests, and I don’t love the idea of forbidding Joshua to do something just because it’s not traditionally acceptable for boys. Once the weather gets warmer and the snow is done falling, Hubs wants to get him a T-ball set — baseball season is just around the corner, after all! — and we’ll see whether he enjoys “boy” sports, too. I don’t care that Joshua is male. Some of the best gymnasts and dancers in the world are male. I don’t really care what others think, either. I’m not forcing these things on him. I didn’t teach him to hang from the bar on his trampoline, and I didn’t teach him to dance. He picked up those skills all on his own, and I feel that the right thing to do is to encourage their development, gender norms be damned! If he wants to tumble, he’ll tumble; if he wants to dance, he’ll dance. If he’s happy, I’m happy!

I love my tiny dancer!

  • Put him in dancing class! Some of the greatest dances are male. Who cares about gender categories. If he likes it, that’s all that matters. I will do the same for ShuGar Boy. I want him to be himself and not worry how others will judge him because they always will, but I will love him no matter what. I think it’s rad that your boy likes to dance. ShuGar Boy likes to dance in the belly lots =)

  • readathomemama

    We used to call Joshua our little ninja when he was in utero. He was always tumbling and kicking and WOW did it hurt LOL 🙂