Talking Fitness Thursday: A Love Letter to My Body

Last week, Becca wrote a piece for Talking Fitness Thursday called Love Your Body. I felt dumb reading it, not because of what she wrote (which was brilliant), but because I felt ashamed for not living her words. I haven’t thought about loving my body for years now, ever since I stopped dancing and started gaining weight. I thought that, especially now that I’m starting out on this new journey, it would be a good time for me to say those words to myself.

Here goes.

I love my body! It’s carried everything I need to sustain life for the last 32 years. We’ve been through quite a bit together, body and mind, and I’m happy to still be alive. When I fall, my body works to repair any injury I’ve sustained so that I can live painlessly (or at least, as painlessly as possible). When I get sick, my body fights off the germs from the inside out. My body is an incredible thing.

I love my hands. They’re small and dainty and, while I can’t seem to stop gnawing my fingernails, they are mine. They carry the weight of whatever I need to hold or move, from pencils to clothing, to my dog and my son. They are my hands, and I love them.

I love my face. I may have a small mouth and small ears and a tall forehead, but they give me a unique appearance. My face separates me from the rest of the world. No one looks exactly like me, although I was compared to Juliette Lewis quite often in high school. It is my face, and I love it.

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I love my belly. There are stretch marks permanently tattooed on it, an incision cuts across my abdomen, and a little more fat sits within it than earlier in my life, but these are signs of a major life event. These are proof that I’ve carried and given birth to a child, which means more than anything in the world to me. My clothes don’t fit over my belly the way they used to, but I’m okay with that, for now. It is my belly, and I love it.

I love my legs and feet. They are short and pale but strong. They carry me from place to place and lead the way on much-needed exercise. My feet are small and narrow and in need of a pedicure, but my arches are as strong and beautiful now as they were when I was a little girl. They remind me of the happiest days of my life! I love them, and they are my legs and feet.

Go and do this right now. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself straight in the eye, and say, “I love my body!” Look at your flaws — we all have them — and instead of getting upset, find the good in them. Love your body!

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  • Erin, you are absolutely stunning and ten times more gorgeous than Juliette Lewis! You have this beautiful aura about you. I can see why your hubs fell for you. You are right; we need to be kinder to ourselves and stop being hyper-critical about our bodies. So what if they are not perfect? Perfect is boring and not real. I love the way you are!

  • Such beautiful words to yourself. Thank you for sharing! I think all women should do this on a regular basis. Loving your own body is powerful!

  • readathomemama

    Thank you for commenting! As I said, this stemmed from another blogger’s post last week, and I felt like it was very appropriate to do. We’re a society where body shaming is the norm, and I’m trying to do my tiny bit to put a stop to that. Every woman should do it!

  • readathomemama

    Awww, thank you!! You’re too kind. And I’ve been much more critical of my body since having a baby — pregnancy puts your body through stress and trauma you may not otherwise experience in life (can we say “stretch marks”?!). It’s harder to appreciate all the good things our bodies do for us after going through something like that, but it’s absolutely worth it to try. I hope you’ll do this after Baby ShuGar is born, too! It’s a great post for your All You Need Is Love Project…as the saying goes, we can’t love others until we love ourselves!

  • I love this! I’m 33 weeks pregnant and have gained just about 22lbs and my doctor gave me a “scolding” this week & said I was gaining too much. But I eat well, I exercise, and I love how I look! I definitely needed this post after that appointment!

    xo kristen genevieve

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  • readathomemama

    Hi Kristen! Thanks for your comment! 22lbs is nowhere near “too much”…love your body now, and continue to love it after your baby arrives!