Cabin Fever

The Hubby and I have two cars, a Honda Accord and a Toyota Corolla. Between the two, the Accord is the much stronger, safer car; it’s the only one we put Joshua’s car seat in. He’s never been inside the Corolla — it’s just not safe enough for him, and it’s an older car. We’ve had that car since long before Joshua was so much as a glimmer in our eyes. The Accord, on the other hand, was sort of a gift from The Hubby’s parents. They each paid half of the cost of the car, and Hubs owns it. After we married but before we had Joshua, Hubs drove the Accord and the Corolla — or, as I call it, the Death Trap — was mine. For someone as small as I am, the Accord just felt like a boat of a car and I didn’t feel right driving it. Once we found out we were pregnant, though, we traded vehicles for Joshua’s sake. Now Hubs drives the Death Trap to work every day while Joshua gets to ride in style.

Now, a few weeks ago, Mother Nature started punching the East Coast in the gut with snow every few days. I didn’t want Hubs sliding all over the roads in the Death Trap like I used to when I drove it to work every day, so I told him to take the Accord, knowing full well that I wouldn’t even think of venturing out in the snow, regardless of how safe the car is. (I just hate driving in snow. Sue me.) You should know that my husband can be a very aggressive driver, but he also does a good job of staying out of trouble on the road…so you can imagine my surprise when The Hubby comes home from work that night and informs me that he scraped a guardrail on his way in to work! Apparently it just left a slight scratch and the Accord was otherwise fine. The next day, on his way to work he was sitting at a red light and the car behind him skidded into his rear bumper. As I’m sure you’re already assuming, it was snowing again. And again, there was no significant damage to the car and Hubs said he was fine, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Last week, Hubs was — again — driving home from work, this time in the Death Trap, when he drove over a pothole (or, as he described it, a crater) in the middle of a major roadway. He continued driving but said the car felt funny and was behaving strangely. It’s a miracle he made it home safely that night; as it turned out, when his tire went into that pothole, the collision was so hard that the rim was damaged, which in turn punctured the tire. When we checked the tire the next morning, it was completely flat and the rim, which should be circular, had a large flat spot on it.

Guess who’s driving the Accord?

And guess who’s stuck at home with a cabin-fever-affected two-year-old?

UPS just delivered the rim that Hubs purchased online, and now he has to replace the tire. I can’t wait until that happens. Joshua’s been in a bad mood for the last several days for not being able to leave the house. Between the snow and ice, and temperatures to match, we haven’t even been able to go for a walk outside. The inability to leave the house has led to a deterioration of good behavior inside the house: I’ve found crayon drawings and chalk marks all over the walls; Joshua’s taken to throwing toys, including his favorite ride-on fire truck, at me when he gets frustrated; and his eating habits and sleep have gotten worse. I know what he wants. He keeps saying, “Mall! Mall!”

He definitely takes after his mother.

Once the tire on the Death Trap is fixed, I will regain control of the Accord and we’ll be able to go out again. We also went ahead and purchased a membership to Six Flags, so we can go to the park often once it’s open for the year. We’ve got Joshua’s first vacation coming up in less than two months, so we’ll be out of the house for a solid week. And, to top it all off, springtime means the beaches are open, the weather is perfect for walks to the playground and the library, whole afternoons can be whiled away in the yard with the water table, it’s warm enough to open the windows, and — best of all — it’s ice cream season! I can’t wait to take Joshua out for frozen yogurt…I think he misses the dark chocolate froyo as much as I do, and now that he’s mastered feeding himself with a spoon without making an enormous mess, I’m comfortable giving him his own little cup with sprinkles.

Is it spring yet?!

  • Ahhhh he’s a mini shopaholic – this is why we’re friends 🙂

  • readathomemama

    Katie, he actually gets mad if we don’t visit certain stores…and Target is his favorite!