Joshua’s Bookshelf!: Big Cat, Small Cat, by Ami Rubinger

[This review is based on the NOOK Book digital edition published by the Abbeville Kids imprint of Abbeville Press in 2008, and provided by NetGalley.]

So what’s it about?
Big Cat, Small Cat is a story about opposites. Children and parents can use context and rhyming cues to fill in the blanks. For example:
“This cat is big/ This cat is small/ This cat is short/ This cat is…” …Tall!

What did we think of the book?
Joshua was simply too young to be able to fill in the blanks at the end of each rhyme without help. When I read him the rhyme above and finished with, “This cat is short/ This cat is…”, all I got was a blank look. I couldn’t have expected anything more — he’s only two and doesn’t have those literacy skills just yet. The illustrations were cute overall, but some of the cats were kind of scary-looking (I’m looking at you, dirty and mean and bad and “has a cold” cats!).

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
I think that Big Cat, Small Cat might actually help Joshua with learning some rhyming words and opposites, especially now that his vocabulary is truly exploding and he’s picking up more words every day. Add to that the fact that he’s staying at home with me instead of going to daycare, and I know this book should be on his shelf!