Talking Fitness Thursday: Zumba Time!

Christmas 2010 (yeah, I know, long time ago): I received this awesome Zumba DVD box set as a gift and was set on getting fitter and stronger in 2011.

A month later, this happened.

Morning sickness happened. Weight gain happened. Swelling happened. Then, this little boy happened.

Exercise? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

That box of Zumba DVDs, as far as I know, is collecting dust in the basement. I think. I really ought to find it and bring it back upstairs sometime…but that’s not the point here. After Joshua was born, I was forbidden from doing any kind of exercise or heavy lifting because of the C-section I’d had for 8 weeks. I got used to people doing stuff for me, and when the time came for me to start handling my own housework again, I was slow to do it. Two years later, I’m back into the swing of chores and baby-raising and all that, but exercise (and, for a long time, a healthy diet) fell by the wayside. I was your classic first-time mom: overtired, overworked, and just ready to throw in the towel from time to time. I didn’t throw in said towel, but I didn’t do much for myself either. My life became all about being Joshua’s mom and his teacher, since he and I stay home together. I became the manager of the house, handling virtually everything non-financial (because I seriously suck with money). With everything else going on around me, I forgot about me.

I made myself a promise at the start of the year, and I’m really going to try to stick to it. I’ve been doing meal planning and cooking recipes from healthy-food cookbooks, and I’ve been making a conscious effort to control my portions. As I’ve been saying I would, I’ve also made a playlist of Zumba videos on YouTube and going through them whenever I can spare an hour (whether early in the morning or after Joshua has gone to bed…and, on occasion, when Joshua manages to take a midday nap). Zumba makes me feel like I’m a dancer again. I really miss those days; many of my best memories center around dance. The instructor whose videos comprise the majority of the playlist lives and works in the Oklahoma City area, and I follow her fitness page on Facebook. She’s a really kind and educated woman, and I’m a fan of her choreography. I do her Zumba workouts and my energy level skyrockets. My happiness skyrockets.

I feel like me again. I remember me.

Who wouldn’t have an awesome time dancing along to a video like this?

Time to go — it’s Zumba time!

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