Spreading Sunshine!

I’m very new to this whole blogging thing, but I’ve made some friends along my short journey. One of these friends is Carmen from ShuGar Love. We’ve been talking about babies (she’s pregnant! YAY!!) and children’s books, and I think we’ve become pretty good friends in the very brief time we’ve known each other. Even still, you can imagine my surprise when I received a tweet from her informing me that she’d nominated me for a Sunshine Award! My first thought?

Wow!! Thanks, Carmen!!

My next thought?

What’s a Sunshine Award??

I visited her blog and immediately learned that it’s basically a sign of fellowship between bloggers. You nominate bloggers whose posts you enjoy reading, and they essentially answer a short survey about themselves so that their readers, and the person who nominated them, can get to know them better. I really enjoyed reading more about Carmen; her survey just reminded me of why I like her so much. She’s a cool chick and I recommend you check out ShuGar Love!

Now, onto the juicy details of the Sunshine Award.

The Sunshine Award Rules

– Thank and recognize your nominating blogger.
– Give 11 random facts about yourself.
– Answer the 11 questions given by your nominating blogger.
– Pick 11 blogger nominees (you cannot nominate your nominating blogger).
– Post 11 questions for your nominees.

Random Facts About Myself

1. I love Zumba (but I’ve never attended an in-person class)!
2. I haven’t had my eyebrows shaped/plucked/whatever since I was 13.
3. If you couldn’t tell by my new blog design, I am obsessed with cherry blossoms!
4. My favorite TV shows include Sleepy Hollow, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Dracula, and Once Upon a Time.
5. I would love to visit Italy one day, but I’m also perfectly happy keeping my vacations within the “Lower 48”.
6. I’m ophidiophobic (deathly afraid of snakes).
7. I may live in New Jersey, but I feel most at home in Williamsburg, Virginia and Disney World in Florida. They’re my favorite places to visit.
8. Little Women is my favorite book of all time; Anne Rice is my favorite author.
9. I hated cooking when I was younger, but now I love spending time in the kitchen as much as I do reading.
10. When I was little, I was going to be a ballerina and an author. AND, not OR.
11. I collect postcards!

Questions from Carmen

1. Why do you blog? What inspires your blogging?

I blog because, as I mentioned in the “random facts” above, I wanted to be an author when I grew up. Since I haven’t written a book yet, blogging is the next closest thing to being an author. As for what inspires my blogging, it all comes down to just a few things: books, food, health, and my family.

2. Which do you prefer: sweet or savory foods?

Both! Together! Sea salt caramels are a perfect example. I could eat them all day, even though I know I shouldn’t! (But I think chocolate-covered bacon is gross; there is a line, and that’s on the wrong side!)

3. What is one movie you watch over and over again?

The Hunger Games. Beautifully made, and well-acted. I loved Catching Fire even more, and hope to spread the love to Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 when they come out!

4. Best and worst date story.

Best: Before The Hubby and I even “officially” became a couple, he invited me to his parents’ house to hang out on a day off from work. We sat on his front porch and talked all afternoon, and his then-4-year-old brother (now 17) kept sneaking peeks at us through the window. It sounds crazy, but I’d never felt so relaxed in my life. That was the beginning of a very happy relationship (and I still love his no-longer-little brother, too!)

Worst: I honestly don’t remember a worst date! I’m sure there is one, but I’m equally sure that I tried very hard (and apparently succeeded) to forget it!

5. When just lounging in the house, what are your go-to comfy clothes?

Depending on the temperature in the house, I wear a sweatshirt or layer a tank top under a long- or short-sleeve shirt with either my favorite gray sweatpants or black yoga pants, and socks.

6. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you love to meet?

I’d love to meet Laura Andersen (who wrote the Boleyn books I’ve reviewed these last two Mondays) and just pick her brain about that period in English history. I’d also beg her to either let me read an advance copy of The Boleyn Reckoning (due out in July) or spoil me on the plot. I think it’d also be fun to meet Jennifer Lawrence or Kristi Yamaguchi (favorite actress and favorite athlete, respectively).

7. What goal(s) do you have for 2014?

Blog more consistently. Read 52 books in 52 weeks. Get into better shape. Get pregnant. (I know those last two seem totally counteractive, lol.) Make some money. Go on vacation. Date The Hubby more frequently than in past years.

8. What is the last great book you read?

The Boleyn Deceit. It was fabulous and well-imagined, and I highly recommend it.

9. What is one household chore you enjoy doing?

Folding laundry. (And the chore I hate most, in case you were wondering, is doing dishes.)

10. What does love look like to you?

Support. Understanding. Comfort. Reliability. Grace. Deep conversation. Content silence. Forgiveness. Joy. Silliness. Warmth. Happiness.

11. What is one thing you love about yourself (and don’t say anything!)?

I’ve always been very bubbly!

I Nominate These Wonderful Bloggers!

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Angela @ LeMoine Family Kitchen
Bernadette @ Rants From My Crazy Kitchen
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AP @ I Love You More Than Carrots
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Sally @ Sally’s Baking Addiction
Juli @ NOT Supermom

11 Questions for My Nominees

1. Which blog post do you consider your favorite to date — the nearest and dearest to your heart?

2. What are your ideal conditions for blogging? (Music on, complete silence, etc.)

3. If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

4. What’s your favorite book and why?

5. Describe your perfect date.

6. Are you planning to watch the Olympics next month? If so, which event are you most looking forward to watching?

7. If you were sent to a deserted island and could only take 3 things with you, what would they be?

8. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money?

9. Mac or PC?

10. If you could bring back any piece of pop culture from your childhood (jelly sandals, scrunchies, VHS tapes, etc.), what would you revive?

11. What are you most looking forward to accomplishing in 2014?

Here ends this very special post! I hope you enjoyed reading and learning a bit more about me! This was fun — I think I might do an open Q&A session more often on the blog! Next Tuesday I’ll go back to writing about my misadventures with Joshua. Thanks for reading, and thank you again to Carmen for the nomination!

**For the bloggers I nominated, please make sure to give me a shout out when you have written your post. I’d love to learn more about you. Thanks, ladies!!**

  • KT

    Ha! And this is why we’re good friends – i have a deathly fear of snakes too and i love doing laundry too! 😀 And now you’ve given me a blog assignment! love you!

  • Erin, this is so awesome! Thank you for answering my questions and accepting the Sunshine Award. You are the sweetest ever! You’re so funny that you love Zumba but have never gone to a class. You should def do it! I guarantee you will be addicted. Your love for books is contagious. I put all the books you suggested on our baby registry because I share your love for reading. Your outlook on life, marriage, motherhood are all the reasons I love reading your blog. You are amazing! I am so lucky to have discovered you and I am very happy to be bloggy friends!

  • readathomemama

    Yay!!! I’m so happy to hear that you added all my suggestions to your registry, LOL….your son will LOVE them! And thank you for the compliments. Right back at you! I have to say though, I’m very jealous of your photography. You seriously take gorgeous pictures!! I’m thrilled we’re friends too! 🙂