The Morning-After Ill

Well, it figures that I’d get sick the morning after my anniversary.

The day in itself was nothing out of the ordinary. Joshua had an appointment early in the morning to get his hearing checked. He passed the initial exam as a newborn, but because The Hubby has hearing issues that stemmed from birth, Joshua’s doctor wants to make sure he doesn’t develop the same issues in his early childhood. We arrived at the audiologist and Joshua’s inner explorer took over; he was running around the small waiting room, out into the hallway, and down the corridor to the exam rooms. He was the only patient in the office, so we were able to sit and talk with the doctor for awhile without feeling rushed. I thought he would fail the actual exam because, once we were locked into the audio booth, Joshua refused to be quiet. Once he heard a sound and turned toward it, the doctor lit up a toy…and then he was hooked.

Game on.

Because Joshua is only two, he didn’t wear a headset or anything like that for his test. Once we were invited out of the booth, the doctor explained that Joshua passed the test and that she would like to see him again at age 3 to perform a different test. Joshua enjoyed himself, which helped The Hubby and I to relax. It seems that his hearing will be fine, and now we can only hope that the same holds true for his vision, which will have to be examined a little further down the road as well. I hope that Joshua didn’t inherit his vision from either Chris (who wears glasses) or from me (as I’m legally blind in my right eye). Time will tell!

Anyway, we left the audiologist’s office and The Hubby had to go to work. Joshua had had a cold since Saturday and hadn’t been sleeping well as a result, so I figured that if I drove for long enough, he’d fall asleep. I decided to go to the mall, and of course Joshua remained wide awake (and whiny) until 5 minutes before we reached our destination — and then he woke up as soon as I parked the car. He knows that the mall is the only place he’s not allowed to walk around in yet (because he generally runs instead of walking, and the mall is just way too big and easy for him to get lost in), so I strapped him into the stroller and walked as quickly as possible to get out of the cold.

Once inside, he demanded to visit the SPCA which comes out as, “Uppies! Meow!” He waved to each cat, most of whom were sleeping, and got licked by a dog before we moved on. We visited Santa at center court, and Joshua wanted nothing to do with the guy — he heard the train coming and found himself with a one-track mind.

Was that pun lame?

We walked through several shops before meeting my sister, who shall henceforth be known as Zee (because Joshua can’t yet pronounce “Liz” or “Lizzy”, he calls her “Zee” instead). Once she joined us, we checked out a few more stores and then headed to the food court for lunch. We ordered from Chick-Fil-A; Joshua had chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and chocolate milk. Instead of using ketchup for dipping, he poured chocolate milk into the tray of his stroller, dipped the nuggets, and sucked off the milk before discarding the nuggets onto the floor.

At least his lunch was free. Yay for coupons!

After a while, Zee had to go back to work and I was getting tired, so we headed out to the car. As I expected, Joshua was fully unconscious and snoring loudly, thanks to his stuffy nose, moments after I left the parking lot. He was wide awake at 5am yesterday morning, so I really wanted him to nap; in order to keep him asleep, I drove around again about a half-hour before going home. As he tends to do, he woke up the moment I parked the car again! We went into the house and got to work on The Hubby’s favorite red velvet fudge bars (thanks again to Lindsay at LIFE is better in PINK for the recipe!). Joshua poured everything — the cake mix, melted butter, and beaten eggs — into the bowl, and I mixed and transferred everything to the pan and placed it in the oven. As has become tradition, I turned on the oven light so we could watch the bars as they baked. After they came out of the oven and cooled, I cut them up and Joshua helped me to place them in The Hubby’s gift tin. Talk about being baked with love!

Although, I will admit, I had to fight HARD to keep myself from eating any. These bars, I’m not kidding, are TO. DIE. FOR. SO good!!!

Of course, even anniversaries aren’t enough to keep the mundane away, and I found myself folding several loads of laundry while Joshua played with his trains. Shortly after that, I got a text from Hubs saying that he was leaving work and to meet him at Friday’s for dinner. While we ate, Hubs handed me a very sweet card and I felt like an ass for forgetting to get one for him. The message in the card was exactly what I needed to hear last night; our lives have been super busy lately and we haven’t always had time to talk to each other and to just be together, and the card recognized and understood that fact. It was the nicest thing I’d read in a long time. Being at dinner together was just what the doctor ordered.

I wish I’d known then that the doctor would be ordering medicine in the morning. I woke up with a terribly dry and scratchy throat, very stuffy, and nauseous. I didn’t want to get out of bed and, in fact, I didn’t until noon today. I hate using the TV as a babysitter but today, after throwing a fit because The Hubby had to leave for work, Joshua was perfectly happy to watch cartoons and play with his trains while I just laid in bed. I didn’t go back to sleep or anything, though I wish I could have; instead, I just laid there and watched Joshua. Now I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop and a bag of pita chips, still watching Joshua as he happily explores the house and learns new things.

It’s a good thing his cold is leaving him.

It’s not such a good thing that his cold seems to have found me.

I should have known I’d be dealing with the morning-after ill.