Time to Do the Potty Dance?

Not too long ago, I tried to take Joshua’s binky away. If you remember, that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped; The Hubby overrode me and the binky stuck around. Around the same time that I tried to ditch the binky, though, Joshua started showing a serious interest in potty training.

That one is still with us.

We brought Joshua into the bathroom with us once in a while to see what he would do on his potty seat. Sometimes he went, and sometimes he didn’t. Over the last few days, though, he’s shifted from interest to insistence to the point where it’s gotten a little annoying. I’ve woken up the last couple of mornings to the sound of The Hubby in the bathroom and Joshua screaming in the hallway, demanding to be let in.

“Potty! Potty! Waaaah!”

And then, as soon as Hubs caved, let him in, and stripped him, he went almost right away.

Someone’s ready to potty-train for real!

Now he gets mad when we put him in a diaper, but he doesn’t yet like underwear either. I don’t know if it’s the little toddler briefs that he isn’t a fan of — he and I, together, picked out Disney character ones — or if there’s something else going on. He sees that his daddy wears boxer shorts, and I thought that maybe he wanted to wear the same underwear, so I purchased some Hanes toddler boxers in Walmart. I haven’t tried them yet, but I worry they won’t work, either. Joshua prefers to be naked; I guess his exhibitionist tendencies are a toddler behavior. I can’t let him run around naked all day, though, so for now he wears Huggies Pull-Ups Learning Designs with a onesie on top to keep him from tearing off the Pull-up and leaving puddles all over my house.

Joshua’s got plenty of books to keep him company on the potty, and I let him play with his bath crayons as well. He likes using our footstool as a table for the crayons, and the carry handle at the center of the stool works as a dropping slot for the crayons to fall through. Allowing him the crayons also helped us to teach him several colors — he can now correctly identify and name red, blue, green, and yellow. Who am I to complain? I’m killing two birds with one stone!

So I guess the time has come. I’m not pushing the issue with Joshua — in fact, this was entirely his idea. I was willing and ready to wait for as long as he needed me to. I wasn’t going to potty-train Joshua until he told me that he was ready. All the screaming and crying at the bathroom door, the grabbing at dirty diapers and saying, “Ewww!”, and the calls for the potty chair are his way of telling me that he is, in fact, ready.

It’s time for a grand new adventure, it seems. It’s time for Joshua to pick up a huge, benchmark skill.

It’s time to do the Potty Dance.