Monday Morning Mantra

From The Orange Rhino.

It’s okay.

It’s okay that I didn’t remember to post a mantra last Monday or the Monday before.

It’s okay that I fell asleep instead of doing what I really needed to do; obviously my body needed sleep.

It’s okay that I am behind in things I need to do – I will get to them. Things will happen.

And it’s OKAY if you yelled and are struggling because you are TRYING and every moment is a new moment to try again. Learn from the yell (why did I yell? Was it the kids or my mood? Am I just hungry? Am I tired? What is going on?) and move forward. First though, forgive yourself and allow yourself to be OK and not perfect. Perfection is overrated…says the one who daily struggles with being “OK” with saying “It’s okay!”

We can do this!

I needed this today. I hate Monday mornings; it’s not just because I’m really not a morning person anymore, but also because it signals The Hubby’s return to work. He works six days a week, so Sundays are very, very precious to our little household. Unfortunately, he had to work yesterday, too, but only for the morning. It’s a good thing he didn’t have to stay late, because we got snow! I thought it would just be a pretty dusting, but it turned into 2 or 3 solid inches. I can’t really complain, though — there are a LOT of people who got much more snow than we did!

We had playdate and dinner plans with Joshua’s godparents yesterday, too. I honestly thought the snow would wreck those plans, but The Hubby felt we could still travel safely to their house, and so we did. Joshua’s godfather had to work, so we missed him, but it’s not a big deal, as we’ll be seeing them again next weekend. Joshua’s godmother, Diana, agreed to watch him for a few hours next Sunday so The Hubby and I could go to lunch and a movie. Our wedding anniversary is a week from today! Hubs will have to work because it’s a Monday, but Joshua and I will drive to his work to visit him and we’ll all go to lunch together to celebrate our anniversary as a family.

But anyway, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Back to the mantra! I love it so much. In fact, it’s inspired me to create a Monday Morning Mantra of my own. Here goes…

It’s okay.

It’s okay that it’s never occurred to me to create and share a mantra before.

It’s okay that I’m standing in my kitchen, writing this mantra while Joshua watches his favorite cartoons. The sink full of dishes, baskets of laundry, and other cleaning tasks aren’t going to take care of themselves, but they can wait a little longer…as long as they get done today.

It’s okay that I’m really looking forward to my anniversary date with The Hubby this weekend; being away from Joshua for a few hours isn’t a bad thing, as he’ll get some social time with his “godbrother” and we’ll get some time to strengthen our bond as a married couple.

It’s okay that I slept a little late this morning. I went to bed later than usual, and I still woke up long before The Hubby left for work, so it’s not a big deal. Besides, father-and-son “man time” is healthy for both of them.

It’s okay that I’m not going for perfection today, or any day. As long as my son is happy — and that includes not harming himself, me, or our dog, or breaking anything — I’m happy. I have no desire to yell today.

It’s okay that it’s cold, wet, and gray outside today. Inside our house, it’s warm, dry, and bright, and that’s all I can ask for on a Monday morning.

I think I might make a habit of this, and post a mantra to my Facebook page every Monday, if I can remember to.

Do you have a Monday Morning Mantra?