Book Review!: Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire, by Jill Blashack Strahan

[This review is based on the paperback edition published by Tastefully Simple, Inc., in 2007.]

Here’s the deal:
When I signed up to be a Tastefully Simple consultant last month, the corporate office shipped me two enormous boxes containing what they called the “Business Blast-off Kit.” This kit includes enough food samples and supplies to host 4 in-home tasting parties, a table display kit, a business guide binder, and a copy of Simply Shine, penned by Tastefully Simple founder Jill Blashack Strahan. The book is essentially a collection of short stories that discuss various events from Jill’s life, and each anecdote offers a small life lesson. The stories range in content from Jill’s beginnings in business to the deaths of several loved ones, among other things.

My thoughts:
I truly love this book. Frankly, it’s inspiring — I’m planning to type out the little life lessons to print, frame, and hang on my office wall. For me, the lessons are really helpful and motivating. A few of them include, “We don’t do it alone”, “Least to most”, “Accept, don’t expect”, and “Get better or get bitter”. Many of the lessons are right there in the titles of the stories, which is wonderfully convenient; you know what you’re getting right away and instead, during each anecdote, you’re reading about how Jill learned each lesson. Jill comes across almost as a cheerleader for each of her readers (most of whom are probably Tastefully Simple consultants), shouting out a “rah-rah” for their successful journeys.

Simply Shine is geared toward Tastefully Simple consultants, but anyone can read it and apply its lessons to their own life, both professionally and personally. It’s not just available to consultants, either; you can purchase it on my Tastefully Simple website, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (which you can find below).

So would I recommend this book?
I don’t know if working as a Tastefully Simple consultant will be a “forever” thing for me — I’m only just starting out and how long I continue to do it will depend on how successful I am with it — but this book will forever remain on my bookshelf. It provided some much-needed inspiration for me, and I hope you will read it and allow it to do the same for you!

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