I Said Yes!

“I asked my wife out on a date and she said yes!”

That was what The Hubby wrote on his Facebook page yesterday afternoon when we finally got some toddler-free time. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely adore Joshua Bear, but we never get to go out together and without him. Ever.

To clarify this point, let me explain that the last date either of us remembers was nearly a year ago, on December 16, 2012, when we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Eleven months.

Eleven months!!

If we’ve been on a date since then, it was pretty unmemorable…literally. Neither of us remembers it. I asked The Hubby while we were out at lunch, “When was the last time we did this? We’ve been on a date since our last anniversary, right? I can’t remember!”

Cue the crickets, and the denial.

“No way! We had to have been on a date since then, right? I mean, there’s no way we went almost a whole year without a date, right?”

Wrong, apparently.

We really needed some time alone together to bond without the baby. So what did we do? First, we went to lunch at TGI Friday’s, one of our favorite places to eat. We sat down at our table, ordered appetizers and lunch, and took our sweet time eating and talking and checking out the early-afternoon football games. We talked about things we wanted to work on for Read-at-Home Mama (there’s a new look headed this way!) and the order in which we wanted to tackle our remodeling projects (the foyer needs to be finished first, then final electrical inspection for the kitchen, and then we’ll tackle the closets, flooring, and bathrooms). We talked about how excited we were to see Catching Fire (I’ve read the books, while The Hubby has only seen the Hunger Games movie so far) and what The Hubby’s work schedule looks like for this shortened holiday week. We didn’t really talk much about it, but Joshua was always at the back of our minds. We missed him, as we always do when we leave him. The Hubby has a lot more experience with leaving Joshua than I do, but I know that it kills him a little every day to leave the house and go to work.

After lunch — which was delicious, by the way — we drove over to the movie theater. We saw how crowded the parking lot was and immediately knew that many of the occupants of those cars were inside trying to catch a screening of Catching Fire (see what I did there?). I have to admit, as we walked toward the doors I was a little worried that waiting in line to buy tickets was going to be a bit like the Hunger Games.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the corny puns now!

Fortunately for us, the line was much shorter than we assumed it’d be and we purchased tickets without issue. (Thank you to Aunt Paula and Uncle Eugene for the gold tickets! We’ve held on to them since last Christmas, just waiting for the right movie to come out, and we finally saw our chance to use them!) The lobby was busy and we’d just eaten lunch, so we headed straight for Theater 20. Many seats were occupied by the time we walked in, but we found decent seats and settled in for the 2pm show. Something like 25 minutes and 10 previews later, the feature finally began…and it flew by. As someone who’s read the books, I had a good comprehension of the plot; The Hubby, on the other hand, was practically on the edge of his seat for the entire back half of the movie (though he’d probably never admit it if you asked him). The film ran about 2 1/2 hours, but The Hubby still said, “That’s it?! They’re ending it there?!” and a few swear words when the screen went black.

I need to take The Hubby to see novel adaptations more often — knowing how those films will end, and knowing that he won’t know, is really funny to watch!

We came home and hung out with Joshua for a while, who fell asleep in our bed while waiting for his daddy to come and put him to bed. Grandma and Aunt Zee really did a good job of wearing him out if he passed out that easily — and that was with an extra helping of sugar throughout the afternoon. (Let’s face it, loading kids up with sweets really is what grandmas do best!) It’ll be interesting to see what his day is like today…

After the really fun day we had today, I made The Hubby promise me we’d start going on monthly dates. Next month is our wedding anniversary so we’ll go out for that, and then again in January for my birthday; after that, our calendar is wide open. Hubs HATES Valentine’s Day so I can’t even argue for a date that weekend, but I bet I can talk him into some other weekend in February…and we’ll go from there. I’m just happy we got to go on our date today, and that we got to rebuild our bond a little. Because he works 3 jobs, and because I have our toddler, this blog, and a direct sales business to handle, it’s hard to get our calendars to coincide sometimes. Joshua kind of runs the show and our relationship has fallen a bit by the wayside. I bought The Hubby a Christmas present, but I want to make something for him this year, too: I’m going to design a coupon book full of little things to help reinforce our bond even further. I think he’ll enjoy that.

And I think I’ll enjoy planning for our next date in just a few weeks! Seven years of marriage, WOW!! No “seven-year itch” here, folks 🙂