Joshua’s Bookshelf!: The Alphabet Parade, by Charles Ghigna

[This review is based on the Nook Book edition published by the Picture Window Books imprint of Capstone Books in 2013, and provided by NetGalley.]

So what’s it about?
Immediately upon opening The Alphabet Parade, we discover a circus-like parade of animals and acrobats celebrating the ABCs. Each pair of capital letters comprises a rhyme, and each rhyme features some aspect of the circus that corresponds to its letter:

What did we think of the book?
The book is very easy to follow along with, especially for emergent readers who are learning their alphabet. Joshua, in several cases, was able to predict which letter would appear on the next page; this is an important early literacy skill! The letters Q and R were printed in a font that he didn’t immediately recognize, but once I told him during the first reading he was able to correctly identify them in every subsequent one. The giraffe is his favorite animal right now, so he was naturally very excited (“Raff! Raff!”) when the giraffe appeared with the letter G. We were also able to weave in some animal sounds while reading about them in the book.

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
Joshua loves this book, and so do I. it’ll definitely be sticking around! Now, if only they made another version of this same book, but featuring lowercase letters…

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