Joshua’s Bookshelf!: The Wizard of Oz Colors, by Jill Kalz

[This review is based on the Nook Book edition published by the Capstone Press imprint of Capstone Books in 2013.]

So what’s it about?
The Wizard of Oz Colors essentially retells the L. Frank Baum tale without the really scary stuff — the Wicked Witch only makes one appearance, and she’s not melting — with an emphasis on colors and rhymes. The color blue is described like this:

All the major colors have a page in this book: black and white to describe the twister that carries Dorothy and her house to Oz; yellow for the eponymous brick road; green for the emerald-skinned Wicked Witch; brown for the grumpy trees in the forest; gray to describe the Tin Man; orange for the Cowardly Lion; purple as just one color that the kaleidoscope-esque horses adopt in the Emerald City; bubblegum pink for the Good Witch; and ruby red to describe the famous shoes that Dorothy clicks together to travel home.

What did we think of the book?
First of all, two-year-olds like Joshua Bear are probably too young to have seen the Wizard of Oz film — one listen to the Wicked Witch’s cackle would send Joshua screaming for the hills — so the characters are basically a shout-out to the grownups who are actually reading the book. Where The Wizard of Oz Colors brings everyone together is through the use of colors as a teaching tool. The rhymes are simple and loaded with sight words that promote early literacy skills, and the fact that each color name is printed in their hues helps little ones to “put a face to a name”, so to speak. The artwork is simple and beautifully vivid (as you can see above), as well.

Would we add it to Joshua’s bookshelf?
Joshua is very interested in learning new things, and colors are no exception. Tied in with some age-appropriate activities, this book is going to be a big help with figuring out which color is which. It’s a keeper!

Just a side note: The Wizard of Oz Shapes, Counting, and ABCs are also available!

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