Operation Lose the Binky

Well, it’s official: Operation Lose the Binky is underway!

And I’m just gonna say it right off the bat —

It’s not going well.

Yesterday, Joshua Bear decided he wanted his binky in the morning, when he had absolutely no need for it. He wasn’t upset or hurt, and he wasn’t going to sleep. I told him he didn’t need one. He freaked out.

He always freaks out.

And that, for me, was the last straw. This had been going on for a while, and frankly I’d had enough. I gathered two of his three binkies while he wasn’t looking and snipped the tips off.


The next time he asked for a binky, I gave it to him without question or comment. He popped it into his mouth without hesitation…..and then he took it back out and looked at it, whined for a second, stuck it back in his mouth and started to chew on it! Then he gave up on that and just carried it around in his hand!

Last night, I had The Hubby put him to bed with a “broken” binky. He hadn’t napped so he fell asleep without much of an issue, other than the fact that the binky was not in his mouth when he passed out. I thought that maybe he would be all right.

Boy, was I wrong!

Not only was he awake after a few hours, screaming inconsolably, but The Hubby and I wound up caving and giving him the one binky that wasn’t “broken”….and then The Hubby let him sleep in our bed, and I found myself falling off the bed and landing on the floor at one point during the night. Needless to say, the guys slept wonderfully; me, not so much.

Today, he threw both “broken” binkies down the stairs but never got the unbroken one. Tonight, I put him to bed without a binky and left a broken one on the pillow beside his head in case he needed it. After sleeping for less than an hour, he woke up screaming something fierce — again — and The Hubby caved and gave him the unbroken binky.


Yesterday, I thought I’d realized something. I thought Joshua Bear didn’t need to have the binky in his mouth as long as it was in his physical possession. I thought it was just his “comfort object”, like a stuffed animal or a blanket or something. He has a stuffed duck that he sleeps with every night, and he likes to carry it around the house sometimes during the day, but his connection to it doesn’t even come close to the binky. It never has.

It’s been an interesting 36 hours. Lesson learned? Something tells me that I’m the only person in this house who’s ready to be binky-free. I can fight it all I want, but for now, I’m probably going to lose. I’ll keep trying, and I’m not buying any more binkies. The one unbroken one is officially the last unbroken one. If he loses it or tears it, it’s game over.

I may be losing this battle, but there is no question that I will — eventually — win the war.

  • My husband ended up being the one to come up with what ended the reign of my daughter’s paci. She absolutely hates cockroaches. I know everyone hates them I am pretty sure her feelings about cockroaches could land her phobia classification. One day he just started calling it the cockroach paci and told her that she dropped it all the time so he’s sure cockroaches have been all over it. The entire family started calling it the cockroach paci whenever she asked for it and she wouldn’t put it in her mouth anymore…

    Dang I am sure I am going to get judged for this.

  • readathomemama

    Hi Herchel! Thanks for your comment….and you won’t be getting any judgment from me! I am very much of the mind that parents should do whatever they feel is necessary and will work for their child (as long as no one is getting hurt, of course). Your tactic is a funny one, and it seems to have worked, right? My husband is part of the problem – he’s not ready for our son to lose the binky, either!

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