Product Review!: The Lollacup

[Disclaimer: The product reviewed below was not provided to me as a press sample, nor was I in any way compensated for my review.]

If you’ve been following my blog for the short time I’ve been live, you know that one of the things I promised to do was to review household and children’s products. The last time I did that was early on, when I reviewed a haul of products from the Honest Company. That was just over a month ago…it’s been a while! But I recently came across a sale for a product I’ve been drooling over for a long time, and that sale came courtesy of Tory Johnson’s “Deals and Steals” segment on Good Morning America! (Thanks, Tory!!)

So what product am I referring to?

Friends, please allow me to introduce you to our friend, the Lollacup.

Isn’t it cute?!

So a little backstory on how the Lollacup came into our lives….

The Hubby and I like to watch TV together after one of our favorites times of the day — a most glorious time, to be sure — has arrived. That time, of course, is Joshua Bear’s bedtime! (Because I love my child with all of my being, but let’s face it, every parent looks forward to breathing a sigh of relief when their children are sound asleep!) We’re total homebodies, so plopping ourselves in front of the TV to relax and unwind together is a huge pleasure for us. Friday nights are no exception, when one of our favorite shows, ABC’s Shark Tank, airs. It may sound crazy, but we enjoy discussing whether we’d use the products and services being pitched to the “Sharks” (who are six of America’s biggest investors/millionaires) and how we’d change the pitches to score a deal.

Anyway, in April 2012 (see, I told you I’ve wanted this product for a long time!), Hanna and Mark Lim entered the Shark Tank seeking a $100,000 investment for a 15% stake in their company, Lollacup. After quite a bit of back-and-forth with the Sharks and several offers and counteroffers, the Lims made a deal with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec for $100,000 in exchange for 40% equity in the company. You can read a more complete recap of the pitch (as video is unavailable, unfortunately) here.

The Hubby and I heard Hanna Lim mention that the cups were being sold for $18 a pop and immediately said no way. We can’t afford an $18 sippy cup….who can? But the Lollacup stuck with me for well over a year and I waited for a sale to happen. Sales are inevitable, right? I checked Amazon over and over again, and the price sat squarely at $16 each. I found myself hoping that someone could do better…and then, last month, Tory Johnson appeared on GMA to do her “Steals and Deals” segment (as she does weekly).

And that day, Tory’s sales focused on products made successful by Shark Tank, as a means of celebrating the show’s return to the fall primetime schedule.

I cranked up the volume on the TV, crossed my fingers, and waited.

Would the Lollacup be among the products featured? And how much would they be advertising them for?

YES!!!!! And $8 each!!!


I was so excited that they were $8 each that I ordered three! And I paid $3 for shipping, so in total I spent $27 on Lollacups (which, given the usual $16 price tag, was truly a steal)!

I waited, rather impatiently, for the cups to arrive at the house and when they did, I photographed them in their absolutely adorable packaging —

— and opened the red one, at Joshua Bear’s request, to wash and fill for him to test-drive!

The first thing I noticed was that the “bird” actually acts as a cap/cover for the straw, as it slides back to reveal the straw and then forward to hide it. Joshua loved practicing “opening” and “closing” his new cup!

The next thing I noticed was the straw cleaning brush contained inside the cup. What a smart idea!! (And, after opening my other two cups, I noticed that each cup comes with its own. Very smart thinking — cleaning the insides of sippy cup straws can be really difficult!)

The major selling point for me, though, was the weighted straw. Kids like to tilt sippy cups when they drink, and most straws (which are not weighted) don’t tilt with the cup and the liquid inside. This, of course, leads to the issue of leftover water/juice/milk/whatever inside the cup that the child couldn’t finish because the straw didn’t reach it. Lollacup straws are weighted and, therefore, tilt with the cup so the child can drink everything that’s inside!

So here’s what the straw itself looks like:

And here’s how it works inside the cup:

Finally, I realized that the handle is actually removable from the cup itself! It unscrews from the bottom and, when screwed back on, clicks into place!

And now for the test drive!! I put iced tea, one of Joshua’s favorites, into the Lollacup not only because I knew colored liquid would be easily visible through the cup, but also because I knew that he would keep drinking long enough for me to take some pictures!

(Blatant sharing of adorable child drinking from Lollacup pictures ahead! You have been warned.)

So I handed him the cup, he looked at it for a second and then started drinking.

Moments later, as I knew would happen, he started tilting the cup…

I think someone likes his Lollacup!

And by the time he finished the tea, the cup and straw were tilted. See how much liquid is still in there?

None. That’s right. NONE. That alone makes this $8 well spent!

But, of course, there was one more thing to check for. Would the Lollacup be leak-proof? The Lollacup site says nothing about the cups being leak-proof and, as a parent who has tested out several brands and styles of cups, I doubted that even the Lollacup would be immune to leaks. Even the ones that promise to be “100% leak-proof” never — I repeat, never — are.

And this was the one respect in which Lollacup was no different.

When I flipped the cup over and liquid started dripping out, I noticed that there was a small space between the straw and the plastic lid. Obviously, this is because of the straw being bent or “folded” under the closed lid. However, I must mention that liquid did not drip out of the straw itself, so that was good news! As I said, I didn’t really expect this cup to be leak-proof, so I was neither surprised nor disappointed in that respect. If you’re absolutely hell-bent on finding or creating THE leak-proof cup, keep trying — and good luck. Toddlers will find a way to make even the most “leak-proof” cup on Earth, leak. They’re just evil geniuses like that.

So, would I recommend this product? COMPLETELY. WHOLEHEARTEDLY. ABSOLUTELY!! The cups are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, and you can always purchase a replacement pack of straws at Lollaland (the official website for Lollacup), Amazon, or a number of other retail sites for $5, if you need them. They’re free of BPA and all that other crap we find in our plastics nowadays. They’re made in the USA. They’re top-rack dishwasher safe and can withstand being thrown, dropped, kicked, you name it. (But my sweet little angel would never subject them to that kind of abuse! …..Or would he??) I may even purchase one as a Christmas gift for my nephew, since he and Joshua Bear wound up fighting over the cup at one point during the test drive —


What, you don’t believe me?

Say hello to Landosaurus, otherwise known as the Sippy Cup Thief! Isn’t he precious?

As I was saying, Lollacups are not “cheap”, but they cost more for several reasons. They’re made here, from high-quality materials, and they actually WORK. I strongly suggest paying a visit to Lollaland and giving one a shot! You won’t regret it!

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