Terrible Twos, or Terrific Twos??

Yesterday, my tiny baby boy became a card-carrying two-year-old.





Okay, so I spent several years of my young adult life working in various daycare centers, and for much of that time I found myself in classrooms full of two-year-olds. I remember quite a bit about those days and moments with those adorable little ones, but two (ha!) tiny phrases stick out like sore thumbs in my memory:

“Terrible Twos” and “Terrific Twos”.

For virtually every child I worked with, I knew they were all “terrific” with some “terrible” moments thrown in for good measure. Every child is born good, right?

But what about my child? Would Joshua Bear (and any future siblings) turn out to be “terrific” or “terrible”?

I know he’s terrific. He truly is. But when he’s terrible, he’s terrible.

Terrible, I tell you!!

He frequently flips the switch on the surge protector that powers our desktop computers. If we forget to layer a onesie under his clothes, he takes everything off — diaper included — and runs rampant around the house, leaving little puddles everywhere. He decides he wants mommy to play fetch, so he approaches the gate at the top of the basement stairs, throws fifty toys over it, and shouts, “Bye!” He feeds Frankie (who’s already too fat) more of his meals than he eats himself.

But he also gives the greatest cuddles in the world. He loves to help unload the dishwasher and put away the laundry. He loves to sit in my lap and read book after book after book. He runs errands with me with (usually) minimal complaining. He’s a big fan of taste-testing my cooking, especially when it’s sweet. He chats on the phone with Amma (Grandma) and Daddy. “The Ants Go Marching” is his favorite jam, and he’s an awesome dancer.

And he got out of bed this morning and, instead of coming into my bedroom to wake me as he usually does, he took a different route. He got a Cozy Coupe as a gift from The Hubby’s parents (“Amma G” and “Pop”) over the weekend, and when I came out into the living room this morning, this is how I found him:

Yup. That’s my very own Terrific Two. 🙂

  • As someone who also worked at many daycares also I remember the two year old room as being the room that could not keep a teacher. They had such a high turnover rate in those rooms….and since I am only dealing with one two-year-old at home I can see why this would happen! But this is still my favorite age so far! Most days have a lot of terrific with a bit of terrible mixed in!