Craft Time!: Pencil Boxes as Party Favor Boxes! (Updated!)

[Disclaimer: This is not an original idea of mine. I found it on Pinterest and made my own on this site. The pin on my board can be found here; the post containing the creator’s idea can be found here.]

Because it’s early September, schools are reopening for a new year! Of course, with a new school year comes new school supplies, and that’s where this fun and SUPER easy craft comes in! The typical use for a pencil box is obviously to hold pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, and the like…but I thought it’d be fun to fill the boxes with party favors for all the little ones attending my son’s birthday party at the end of this month!

Before I fill the pencil boxes, I decided to personalize them for each of the children coming to the party. Including Joshua Bear, there are only four; you may want to enlist help if you’re personalizing more, not because it’s difficult to do but because it can become tedious.

So I found these Sterilite pencil boxes in Target for $.97 each (hello, steal!). According to the , these boxes are 8 5/8″ L x 5 3/4″ W x 2 1/2″ H. They’re pretty big, and that makes them perfect because of what I’m planning to stuff them with — crayons, bubbles, small toys, a single-serve snack, and a t-shirt!

Supply-wise, personalizing one of these is extremely easy. All you’ll need are tape, scissors, a permanent marker (I’m using a metallic silver Sharpie), and a printout of your child/ren’s names! Now, I know that Comic Sans is a widely reviled font, but these are one- and two-year-olds I’m working with here. Their font needed to be both fun and simple, and Comic Sans fits the bill.

So here we go!

Choose your font and font size, and print out the name(s) you want to use for personalization.

Cut out the name, leaving as little extra white space around the name as possible.

All finished?

Great! Now flip over the name and tape it to the inside of the pencil box lid so that the name is shown correctly when you close the box.

Now, use your marker to trace the letters onto the lid of the box, one at a time.

After you trace each letter, fill it in with the marker. I traced and filled in each letter one at a time to avoid any chance of streaking when I moved on to the next letter.

Keep going until you’ve completed all the letters.

And you’re all done!

Let it sit for a while to make sure the ink fully dries, and then you’re free to decorate the box with paint, stickers, or anything else you like! This would be a good time to let kids decorate their own boxes (and it’s what I’m planning to allow Joshua Bear and his friends to do at the party). Fill them up and you’re all set!


I was finally able to decorate the boxes yesterday afternoon and wanted to share a few pictures with all of you! I found adorable zoo and jungle stickers in my local Michaels craft store for $2 a sheet. They have an app for cell phones (available for iPhone and Android) that includes coupons, so I was able to use one to save 40% on my total sticker purchase! I decided to get 3 of the same sheet of stickers for Joshua Bear’s friends’ boxes and then a different “special” sheet for him (because he’s the birthday boy!). I chose not to use paint or anything crazy for these particular boxes, but I may for future boxes.

Anyway, here’s what Joshua’s friend John’s box looks like (and the other two look just like it):

And here’s Joshua’s:

You like? I love them! I can’t wait to give out these adorable boxes at Joshua’s party!

  • These are such a fun idea! How can I decorate them further? That is what I can’t visualize…but I’d love to make these for my home office and maybe for my makeup products or brushes too!

  • readathomemama

    Hi Becca!! Thanks for asking! I haven’t finished decorating the pencil boxes yet, but once they are done I will definitely share more pictures! 🙂

  • Christine

    Awesome idea! 🙂